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A hotel with styleStay, eat, meet and celebrate in the district of Osnabrück

At Hotel Velo, we create a unique symbiosis of architecture steeped in history, state-of-the-art equipment and optimum service. Our mission statement originates from the knowledge that responsible action is the prerequisite for long-term success. The Tante Tom Restaurant is placing new emphasis on gastronomy: seasonal dishes, nutritious ingredients and regional suppliers make the combination of German culinary art with Mediterranean effortlessness so special.

Clear goals and valuesSustainability as the basis

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Principles of entrepreneurial conduct

Our aim is to offer a diverse range of culinary products and services of consistently high quality. We get our guests in the mood for culinary delights through attractive product presentation, cleanliness and a pleasant atmosphere.

We are friendly and courteous, serve our guests promptly and in a down-to-earth manner and look after them discreetly but attentively. We always take criticism and complaints from our guests seriously.
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Principles of corporate social responsibility

We treat all employees equally. The performance of each individual employee is equally important, as everyone contributes to success. We attach great importance to a positive and balanced working atmosphere and strong team spirit. That is why we cultivate a cooperative relationship with each other as well as with our suppliers and business partners.

Our professional activity is an essential part of our life. We therefore shape it in such a way that each employee is encouraged to be independent and to maintain excellent interpersonal relationships with his or her colleagues.

Principles of corporate ecological responsibility

We prefer to use fresh products from the local area, seasonal goods and food from natural and species-appropriate production. When purchasing, we pay attention to quality seals that promote socially and ecologically responsible production and take environmental and consumer protection into account.

We continuously strive to avoid or reduce all environmental pollution. This includes construction projects, building services engineering and management, waste disposal, goods management, logistics and sales.
Thomas Bekermann

Your contact person at Hotel Velo

“I am a trained chef and can reflect on positions I have had throughout Germany, most recently as head chef at the Advena Hotel Hohenzollern in Osnabrück. Healthy, nutritious and regional cuisine means a lot to me. My guests should feel completely at home with us.”

Thomas Bekermann
Manager Hotel Velo GmbH
Head chef Tante Tom Restaurant

Telephone +49 (0) 5431 900 63 00

Hotel Velo historyOn airplanes and bicycles

The Hotel Velo will open up in 2020 in a building steeped in history which has seen some turbulent times. This history contributes an essential part to the character of the building.


The former emergency landing strip in Quakenbrücker Merschland is converted into a regular airfield with a hangar for civil aviation.


A pilot school is opened on the site - this is where Hotel Velo stands today.


The bicycle manufacturer Kynast moves into the pilot school building and the adjacent aircraft engine hangar in the wake of demilitarization.


The bicycle factory is destroyed in a major fire. Nevertheless, that year the one millionth bicycle rolls off the production line in Quakenbrück.


10 million bicycles have already been produced in Quakenbrück.


Kynast files for bankruptcy. In the coming years, investors try to preserve parts of the production by founding new companies. However, this chapter closes following the insolvency of Kynast-Steel GmbH in 2019.


The renovation of the former Kynast production facility and its conversion into a new hotel begins.


Hotel Velo with its Tante Tom restaurant opens.